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First, I would like to clear the air: I freely admit, that I am not only an Audio Fanatic, but I am a registered AUDIOPHILE! Okay, now that I’ve admitted it, I can go on…

Maybe I’ll start this by suggesting to myself I should write a book. But I must then ask myself, what would I be qualified to write? An industry colleague of mine, Robert Harley, who is in fact a published reviewer of high-end audio equipment wrote one; The Complete Guide to High-End Audio. Now this is the book I would have aspired to write, but then, it’s already written! But as I am not a “published” reviewer, how would anyone know if I was truly qualified to write such a book? But then my prayers were answered; God looked upon my poor mute existence and said BEHOLD I give you the BLOG!

So perhaps I have found a way to write the book I’ve always wanted to, and am best qualified to write; The Idiots Guide to High End Audio! Finally, a book for me, and just maybe others like me, fledging along trying to find the absolute sound achievable for our personal edification; The sound of the original music, that is as little degraded as possible, by the now virtually millions of degrades out there, whether it’s been digitized, uploaded, downloaded, converted, under-converted, transferred here/there, burnt, put onto an aluminum or vinyl disc, shot over the air, or compressed into an I-whatever, so that I can enjoy what sounds like “the real thing”. That today ironically, with all of our techno-wizardry, is more difficult than ever before! Is this progress?

I mean trust me, I love that I can carry my whole music collection on a magic wand the size of my credit card, but what I never realized is though I can hum along to the 4000 plus melodies stored there within. They don’t seem to sound quite as awe inspiring as I remember them when I put them through my stereo. It’s like the most passionate vocalist’s alive sound like they’re anemic, or have the flu or something. And the bands who were just belting it out, and jamming with all kinds of instrumentation when I saw them live, sound sort of like what I remember my old portable radio did back in the day, flat, un-dynamic, and pitiful y uninvolving and boring. It’s totally messed up! Why can’t I have it all, convenience, and the Power, the Glory, and the Majesty of the music I’m really into?

Well thank God for High-End Audio enthusiasts like you, because I’m not the only one with this desire. In fact, there must be a bunch of us, and enough to be heard, because there are some really cool manufacturers who have developed some really great solutions.

So it is here, that I will be sharing with you not just a bunch of techno-babble, but the true-grit of what these cool new technologies can really do for us. And most importantly, letting us be able to really get into our beloved music from WHATEVER our source is – through the stereo, with enough life left to melt our ear drums…only, in a good way of course!

So the deal is this; Every time I get my hands on a new piece of gear, I will be testing it out, and posting the results here for you to read. I’ll let you know which stuff is really good, and if we’ll be carrying it or not. We also have several audiophiles here, and who will be coming here to share their music with us in a listener’s club I’m starting. So I figure at least once a week we will be posting equipment, system, or album reviews for your listening pleasure.

And for this listener’s club (The Audio Club), I’ll shoot for at least once or twice a month to meet up, possibly on a Thursday evening, just to hang out, spin discs on one of the high-end systems, and just enjoy the music. Because it’s the MUSIC that the High-End Audio hobby is all about!

And, if you have an interest in joining the Audio Club, shoot me an email at theaudioclub@adkav.com CHEERS!



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Every now and then we come across a product that gets us excited. The SubSeries 300 is just such a product.

The SubSeries 300 deftly handles demanding and explosive transients in music thanks to the ability of the NAD amplifier to produce 850 watts of peak dynamic power, 425 watts of dynamic power, and 300 watts of continuous power (at <0.08% THD). The high power Class D discrete MOSFET amplifier output stage is 90% efficient, requiring less energy to produce more power. PSB engineers also redesigned the power supply in order to reduce standby power consumption to a remarkably low <0.5 watts.

The SubSeries 300′s small cabinet houses a highly optimised 12-inch woofer with polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround, high power 50mm voice coil, and enormous 50oz magnet. A large 75mm diameter internally and externally radiussed down-firing port makes port noise nearly non-existent. PSB engineers employed FEA (finite element analysis) software and Klippel’s sophisticated Distortion Analyzer System to minimize distortion when designing the SubSeries 300′s woofer.



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