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Well, we’ve had quite a busy and exciting summer here at ADK AV, with our very successful Power of Music Art Show, and of course, the official Grand Opening of the Hi-End Audio store, AKA the “Sweet Spot” on July 9th. (Please see comments from some of our guests, previous blog). It’s been a busy seven months since our initial “soft open” just after Thanksgiving last year, and we’ve had the pleasure of auditioning several fine brands of electronics and speakers. It’s been quite a process, as many of the brands we tested are very, very good. My objective was to find not only the best brands, but of those, to cherry pick their best offerings to compliment our particular product mix, and to allow us to offer price points to suite virtually any budget. Of course, we already had many fine brands to start with, which we had brought over from custom, such as Sony ES, Marantz, Sherbourn Klipsch and PSB.
So, I would like to welcome our new additions by naming them; they are, Hegel of Norway – DAC’s and Amps, NAD, Jolida Tube Audio, Nordost Cables, Teac and Marantz Reference, Music Hall turntables, Grado & Schiit Headphones (USA), Golden Ear, Totem, Revel, and Fidelity Acoustics speakers, and as of this week, one of my all time favorites and most esteemed, McIntosh Labs, U.S.A.
We very much wanted to have a “reference” level system, so from Mac we went with separates, MC302 Amp and C48 Preamp. I must say, that with the Mac gear driving the “Wind” Speakers (on loan from Totem Acoustics of Montreal, pictured in the below blog), the caliber of sound, be it Symphonic, Jazz, Vocal, or what-have-you, is nothing short of absolutely awe inspiring. I’ve been in this business for quite some time, and I must admit, I was extremely impressed! While listening to a very robust symphony for instance, I felt I was actually transported to the very place I had first heard it live, the Power Symphony Hall, St. Louis, Missouri. Every nuance of detail was there in its proper place, and even the secondary harmonics were absolutely filling the room, making the sound stage to my ears as if it was HUDGE’A. I had to remind myself I was sitting in an ordinary retail space!?!
Please, I invite you to come in soon (even if you are not in the market for anything) and give your favorite music a spin on this system, it is utterly mind bending. You owe it to yourself to hear your beloved music, on a system of this caliber, at least once in your lifetime. To appreciate what the “High-End” has to offer today, compared with even ten years ago, is simply stunning. It could even be a life changing experience!



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