Clearaudio is here!

Adirondack Audio & Video is now a dealer for Clearaudio turntables from Germany.  Clearaudio is one of the most respected names in turntables, with models ranging from $1500 to $170,000!  All are hand-crafted in Germany and feature the latest in turntable design.  Yes, Clearaudio’s engineers are still perfecting the record player as a fine audiophile instrument for superlative sound reproduction.  We have a Clearaudio Concept turntable in our showroom (with moving coil cartridge) that will rival the sound quality of digital sources costing much, much more.  There’s nothing quite as sublimely musical as a clean record playing on a good turntable.  And Clearaudio makes some of the best in the world.  Bring some of your favorite LPs and have a listen!

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Adirondack Audio & Video is the premier hi-fi store and custom integrator in northern New York State, now with locations in Vermont and Brooklyn.

We specialize in the custom installation and integration of “smart home” automation systems, audio and video distribution, home theaters, and surveillance systems.