Giza's "Great Power Plant"

Edge's "Great Power Amp"

Finally, Hard Cold PROOF of the use of REVERSE ALIEN ENGINEERING in closely guarded, but advanced US Technology!!!

Here at we sometimes get to experiment with the most advanced bleeding edge  technologies, in this case, virtually right off the BLACK OPS drawing board!  We found evidence from a company calling itself EDGE, which, we believe through no small coincidence, is located in an area of Colorado, not far from a Top Secret underground military instillation, call it NORAD or Area 51, it makes little difference. All of these Top Secret Military Facilities according to the United States Congress, DO NOT EXSIST!  We believe however, that proof positive is evidenced by the employment of super advanced technology, specifically found in EDGE, to bias high current electromagnetic power transmissions devices. Edge claims by utilizing a unique method of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation, they’ve engineered a methodology which results in a totally linear simultaneous output of high current electron transmissions.  Yet, for some reason, NO OTHER TERRESTRIAL amplifier company has ever even imagined such advanced circuit topologies in amplifier design. How is it that NO ONE has ever conceived of anything like this technology!?!  Coincidence? We think NOT!  But to cover their tracks, EDGE claims they didn’t actually “invent” the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation technology, but only developed a unique circuit topology to harness and control such extreme high tech forces. So, here’s an entity mysteriously close to Top Secret underground military instillations, that is actually employing “LASER Beams”, yes “RAY GUN Technology” in the design of their amplification devices, which also I’d like to point out “coincidently” resembles, the suspicious stories about electromagnetic based propulsion systems used in Area 51’s advanced REVERSE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY research, which as we mentioned above, according to official sources, does not exist!  

Astute researchers, like Erich Von Daniken, proved that not only have aliens been visiting Earth for the past 12,000 years, or more likely, 70,000 years (evidenced recently in the 70,000 year old mining operations discovered in South America & South Africa).  But, very recently, hard evidence has been unearthed that shows they have bestowed vast engineering knowledge to early man, like the Sumerians and Native Americans, then later, the Egyptians, allowing them to not only fashion batteries to light the interior of the pyramids, but to build the pyramids, and other megalithic structures themselves.  New evidence suggests, these pyramids were NOT burial chambers, but HUGE ANCIENT POWER GENERATORS, capable of powering an entire city.  Which of course helps explain how you can have 50,000 people thriving in a DESERT!  I find it hard to believe that not only is  EDGE’s most advanced amplifiers Laser biased, but their “super amplifiers”, actually emulate those ancient “pyramids” themselves (see photo).  Is all this just a coincidence? Just how many “coincidences” are we to believe in these mysterious yet amazing super power generation devices?

Clearly, EDGE’s most mysterious, and closely guarded technological triumphs are deployed only in their Signature Amps (very limited distribution). Scientific scrutiny of the totally unique circuit design utilized in the their Laser Optical Bias Circuitry deployed in this MEGA 400 WATT Audio Engine, is suspiciously similar to the Laser guided electromagnets used to stabilize the Super Advanced Magneto-hydrodynamic Hyper Drive System (a.k.a. Inertial Drive) that was discovered aboard the captured Alien Flying Saucer under guard at Area 51. Yes, the very one that crashed at Roswell New Mexico, in 1947. According to EDGE, this advanced circuit incorporates a 630nm wavelength laser in each channel operating directly on the silicon substrate of the bias transistors. The laser bias circuit in turn is part of a servo feedback network. As the signal rises, the output of the laser increases, and as the signal decreases the laser output falls. This keeps the bias at the optimum operating point allowing a tenfold increase in gain. The additional gain is achieved while maintaining signal integrity (linearity) — at light speed – “another first ever”. The result is the clear musical nature of the NL Series as observed by well-informed reviewers and buyers. Well informed?  Informed by who? MIB???

Unfortunately, EDGE has left no evidence of REVERSE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY in the black box technology I have the pleasure of testing here at The Sweet Spot.  Though not one of the Pyramid power amplifiers, it’s still a MUST AUDITION. No Earthly born technology that I have ever encountered comes close to the surreal experience this power amplifier is capable of! It could well be a life changing experience in the appreciation of just how amazingly authentic, a reproduced musical experience can be! Or at least, that’s what a Gray recently imparted to me, as he claimed that when you have to travel 38 bazillion miles to get home, you have to have an OUT OF THIS WORLD SOUND SYSTEM ONBOARD…

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