NYC High-End Audio Showroom and Event Space

(212) 784-6084
30 Maujer Street #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Adirondack Audio & Video presents a by-appointment high-end audio showroom and rentable event space in Brooklyn, New York


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Hearing is Believing

The HiFi Loft is home to a collective of true music lovers and audio connoisseurs who care deeply about the listening experience. We know, firsthand, how the finer details get lost in the hum of the big city.

We’re here to provide a respite from the never-ending din, via live music events, listening parties, debuts, and numerous singular occasions.

Interested in exploring our brands? Have an idea for a way to collaborate? Need a space for an event? We are all neighbors, even if we haven’t met yet. Drop a line.

Rentable Event Space in NYC

  • Built-In Stage
  • Green Room Space
  • Kitchen
  • Restroom
  • Accessible First-Floor Location
  • Flexible space
  • Conveniently located in Brooklyn

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30 Maujer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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