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Mac Report

I’ve just returned from Binghamton NY, home of America’s very own Stereo Electronics Manufacturer, McIntosh Labs.  What a wonderful experience.  Not only are the folks at McIntosh some of the most down to Earth, friendly people you want to meet, but they are like my neighbors. One of my neighbors works for Bard, assembling catheters for the Hospital Industry, and another works for Scott Paper, the source of my home paper product.  On the factory tour, I met people who hand craft the circuit boards, glass faceplates, and even hand wind the power transformers. Many of these people have worked there for decades.  Not only has McIntosh has been in business since 1949, but in the same building.  One woman is a grandmother, who taught her trade to her daughter, and granddaughter, who now work their craft side by side with her.  McIntosh “really is” a family business.   I was thrilled and amazed to see how these dedicated crafts people work their trade, making each and every component for McIntosh Amplifiers, Tuners, CD Players, Music Servers, DAC’s, and Speakers.  You know, there are some fine U.S. companies left, but very few, who still do all their own manufacturing right here in the U.S. of A.  I try to do my little part, especially when making long term purchases, like my American made Harley Davidson, and my “mostly” U.S. made Dodge Charger, but now I can also truly appreciate owning not only the world’s finest sounding stereo electronics, but really appreciate knowing it was hand made by some great  neighbors, in Binghamton, another – home town USA!   

See link for a look into McIntosh: http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/inside/1073.asp

3 thoughts on “Mac Report

  1. Mark, I am glad that you got to go to McIntosh Labs to see how this tremendous product is made. When I was in the business, I sold Mac products for many years and owned several units years ago. A good friend of mine has an entire McIntosh system he purchsed in the 70’s and it still sounds great. I have a McIntosh leather jacket that I won in a sales contest years ago and wear it proudly.

  2. Rich, that’s too cool! No doubt that was at good ole Fum! You mentioned that Fum’s daughter closed the business? What a shame! Hi-Fi-Fo-Fum was a St. Louis icon, wasn’t it over 50 years old? Well, if you need anything “MAC” related, I’m here for you!

  3. Advokate, Hi-Fi-Fo-Fum was started in Milwaukee, Wi. in 1956. He moved to St. Louis in 64 and at one time also had a store in Kansas City. I worked for him part-time from 1974 til 1985 and full time from 92 till 2000. Unfortunately, after Fum’s death, none of his children wanted the business so it was closed.

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