PSB SubSeries 300

Every now and then we come across a product that gets us excited. The SubSeries 300 is just such a product.

The SubSeries 300 deftly handles demanding and explosive transients in music thanks to the ability of the NAD amplifier to produce 850 watts of peak dynamic power, 425 watts of dynamic power, and 300 watts of continuous power (at <0.08% THD). The high power Class D discrete MOSFET amplifier output stage is 90% efficient, requiring less energy to produce more power. PSB engineers also redesigned the power supply in order to reduce standby power consumption to a remarkably low <0.5 watts.

The SubSeries 300′s small cabinet houses a highly optimised 12-inch woofer with polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround, high power 50mm voice coil, and enormous 50oz magnet. A large 75mm diameter internally and externally radiussed down-firing port makes port noise nearly non-existent. PSB engineers employed FEA (finite element analysis) software and Klippel’s sophisticated Distortion Analyzer System to minimize distortion when designing the SubSeries 300′s woofer.

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