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Hegel's DAC

Right now we are auditioning a pile of cool new stuff from a number of internationally known brands.  DAC’s, Interconnects, Amps, etc. Stop in soon and often so you don’t miss your opportunity to audition something you may otherwise have to go to Los Angeles or Europe to hear!?!

We also welcome our latest addition of the absolutely most flexible, and best made line of Audio Video Furniture, actually MADE IN U.S.A., from a company called “Salamander Designs”  We’ve put three of their furniture models on display for your convenience!

Some of the brands we’re currently auditioning are Fidelity Acoustics of Vancouver Canada,

Hand made in Vancouver


Moon from Montreal Canada, Hegel audio of Norway, and Nordost which sounds Norwegian, but actually hales out of the Far East – Massachusetts New England!

It’s hard to believe just how good some of this stuff is.  Even the technology that goes into making the “wires” can, and from what we’ve heard DOES make a huge difference in how well the system can sound.  When you pop off the stock wires and put on these the classical music I was listening to sounded as if it went from a Quartet, to a full blown Symphony!?! It’s just amazing what these little old wires can do!!! You have to try this.  Heck, I’m so sure you’ll have the same experience that I’ll lend them to you to try it out.

Super Wires!!!

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