Recently, Adirondack Audio & Video had a company called Patio Enclosures install a SoftWall Finishing System in one of our listening rooms.  The acoustic benefits of the SoftWall system are truly profound.  Previously, the room had been an acoustic nightmare, with four windows, bare walls, and a square form contributing to a harsh and extremely “bright” listening environment.  It was completely unsuitable for the serious auditioning of audio equipment.  Three days later, the room not only looks amazing, but the transformation in acoustics is almost unbelievable!  With the walls absorbing so much of the stray sound waves, the imaging and soundstage created by the stereo system is now breathtakingly accurate and perfectly balanced.  It makes every recording sound so much more natural, revealing, and—in a word—musical.  This system works wonders for 2-channel stereo, but it would undoubtedly offer just as dramatic an improvement for multi-channel home theater applications, too.  In the end, stereos and loudspeakers will only sound as good as the room they’re in, and the SoftWall Finishing System provides a comprehensive acoustic solution that looks as good as it sounds—and that’s not something that can be said for many acoustic treatments.  It is definitely a product that I will recommend without hesitation to those customers who are serious about improving the sound quality of their home music and theater systems.



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